Guided tour to MUSA - Museo della Salumeria (Charcuterie Museum)

From EUR 10

Guided tour to MUSA Museo della Salumeria 

From EUR 10

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The Museo della Salumeria is the first Charcuterie museum in Italy. It is located at the historic headquarters of Villani Salumi, the oldest delicatessen company in Emilia-Romagna and one of the longest-lived in Italy. In its rooms you can discover, through a multimedia and multi-sensory journey in 10 stages, the history and technique of the art of Charcuterie. At the end of the itinerary the tasting of the delicious salamis produced by Villani will give you the emotion of an authentic Emilian experience. You will taste the Mortadella Bologna PGI “La Santo”, the Parma Ham PDO 18 months, the Cooked Ham AQ “Maxi” and the Salami “il Gentile”, accompanied by Lambrusco Grasparossa wine.


The tour includes

  • Guided tour with tasting
  • 10% discount at Bottega Villani shop nearby the Museum


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