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The Maserati factory tours offer a new route inside the completely renovated factory for the production of the new MC20 and the Nettuno engine. With a tour of the Modena plant, you can discover closely how a Maserati car is born, and how sportiness and elegance come together to create one of the most fascinating cars on the world scene. The Modena factory, where the company has been based for over 80 years, is a magical place that combines the "made in Italy" DNA and the Heritage of the Brand with a strong push towards the future and innovation: the plant is has been updated with new production, engine assembly and painting systems dedicated to the new MC20. Nettuno, the new V6 engine of the super sports car, is the first child of the Maserati Engine Lab, the new engine center recently launched within the Modena site, where among other things, for the first time in its history, also a new painting line with a low environmental impact. Lasting about an hour and a half, the tour begins inside the showroom and, after a welcome meeting and a historical introduction, continues with a visit to the production line of the MC20. Finally, you have the opportunity to explore the store.

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