Bologna Welcome Card EASY

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Bologna Welcome Card EASY is the tourist card that helps you discover what’s best in the city easily and cost effectively.
Choose the version that most suits your needs, buy it on-line or at
 tourist info points and start your experience.

€ 25,00 p/person

Included in the Card:

  • Entry ticket to the Musei Civici permanent collections: Museo Archeologico, Museo Medievale, Museo del Patrimonio Industriale, Museo del Risorgimento, Collezioni Comunali d’Arte, MAMbo – Museo d’arte contemporanea, Museo Internazionale and Biblioteca della Musica, Museo Morandi;

  • Entry ticket to Museo della Storia di Bologna in Palazzo Pepoli (temporarily closed)Collezione Tagliavini in San Colombano, Palazzo Fava and the Church of Santa Maria della Vita with the Compianto sculpture by Niccolò dall’Arca;
  • Entrance to the Art Gallery and Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande, except during temporary exhibitions

  • Access to the Clock Tower*, one of the city's most beautiful views;
  • Discover Bologna*, guided walking tours of the city centre leaving from Bologna Welcome every day; 
  • City Bike rental*, to rent a bike in the heart of the city; 

*prior reservation is mandatory

In addition:

What are the advantages?
The more you experience, the more you save!
Save up to € 53,00 with Bologna Welcome Card EASY

How does it work?
Check the opening times of the attractions and services, book them if required, get to attractions slightly early and show your Bologna Welcome Card EASY to the staff at the entrance.
If you prefer a physical card you can ask for it at the Bologna Welcome office, showing your virtual card and paying € 5,00 as an extra charge.

How long is it valid for?

The Bologna Welcome Card EASY is valid until all services have run out and in any case no more than 15 days from the activation date (namely, the first time you use the card for a museum or an activity). We'd like to remind you that you can only use the Card once per service.

Check the
 opening times of the museums included
Check the
 opening times of the Clock Tower and book your access.
Check the starting times of the Discover Bologna guided tour and book your seat.

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From EUR 25

+1 Additional options

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