Become a Balsamic vinegar Master Taster for a Day!

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Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of traditional balsamic vinegar and become a true expert. Book your Master Taster for a Day experience today at the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Museum in Modena, Spilamberto!

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A partir de EUR 20

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Our goal is to enrich your guided tour and provide you with an unforgettable experience. During this interactive visit, you will have the opportunity to taste and evaluate three different varieties of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar: an Aged ABTM, an Extra-Aged ABTM, and a Reserve ABTM from the Grand Master with Juniper. You will be actively involved in the tasting process, filling out an evaluation form to express your impressions and preferences.

After the tasting, you'll have the chance to discuss possible food pairings with the Masters of the Consorteria, discovering how to enhance flavors and create delicious and refined combinations.

The Master Taster for a Day experience is designed for enthusiasts of traditional products who want to live an authentic and memorable moment. We offer two options to participate:

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Join us for a unique experience at the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Museum in Modena, located in the charming village of Spilamberto. Immerse yourself in a guided tour that culminates in a tasting session guided by the true Masters of the Consorteria, the world's leading experts in balsamic vinegar.