Visite guidate al palazzo del Principe Foresto di Modena

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From Renaissance to ducal splendor. From Napoleon to the Unification of Italy and the Prefecture. Visit the home and exhibition that tell five centuries of the city's history. Guided tours by the State Archives every fourth Saturday of the month at 11:30 am, from January to June 2020. Visit dates: 25/1; 22/2; 28/3; 25/4; 23/5; 27/6

The Prefecture and the State Archive, united for the enhancement of the historical heritage, with the support of the Municipality of Modena, today offer citizens the opportunity for a five-century journey thanks to an exhibition that tells, through the events of the Palazzo del Principe Foresto, a rich fabric of relationships and events in the history of Modena in the wider context of the history of Italy. An opportunity to dialogue with the institutions, reflect on history and admire beauty

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The Prince Foresto, who gives the name to the building of Corso Canalgrande 30, lived from 1652 to 1725, between Modena Estense and France of Louis XIV Sole Re. Son of Borso d'Este and Hippolita, he served in the imperial army following Raimondo Montecuccoli and was the protagonist of Modena's political events at the end of the 17th century. The origins of the palace are attested in the Middle Ages, when the houses of the most important patrician families of Modena were built along the Canalgrande, a waterway built by the Monks of San Pietro in the eleventh century. At the end of the 15th century, the palace belongs to the Fogliani family who sold it in 1481 to Count Niccolo 'Maria Rangoni, who made it a sumptuous Renaissance residence. In 1640 it passed to the house of Este until the advent of Napoleon in 1796, when its destination became public.  


The visit lasts about an hour, is free and is subject to a limited number of places available. Reservations are required and must be made by the Wednesday before the visit.