MVF/ Panini motor museum tour

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It can be visited by appointment from 16 to 18 May closed May 19th
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The private museum of the Panini family, this amazing display of vintage cars has one of the world’s most complete collections of Maseratis. The collection is hosted in a parmesan cheese dairy farm called Hombre. Housed in a building with Art Nouveau touches, they represent the most significant periods in the development of the famous trident-branded cars from 1926 onwards, lovingly collected by the Panini family and passed down from generation to generation Umberto to his successors. As well as some 40 cars of all types, visitors can admire 30 or so vintage motorcycles, most of them produced in Emilia-Romagna such as Ducati and Maserati, as well as collectors’ bicycles and military vehicles.


  1. Strada Corletto Sud, 320, Modena