Ai piedi del Cimoncino (Fanano)

The irresistible call of an uncontaminated forest far from the ski lifts, a satisfying excursion immersed in the beech forest and the pine forest, the shores and the icy waters of Lake Ninfa. DATES: 26 December, 11 and 26 January, 16 February, 15 March

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From the meeting point in front of the Hotel Ristorante Buona Stella we will go on snowshoes to the feet in the thick of a luxuriant beech forest, where we will follow the evident traces of the hares and the other wild animals. We will then cross a dense fir plantation and reach the plain that hides the icy shores of Lago della Ninfa (Bar Ristorante Lago della Ninfa) we will descend into the lake basin for a short and well-deserved break. On the way back we proceed zigzagging freely in the beech forest, for a unique experience completely immersed in the beauty of the winter forest until we reach the starting point.

IN CASE OF MALTEMPO: the guide reserves the right to cancel the event within the previous day or in case of unexpected extreme events.


The Guide100Fiori are professionals authorized by the Emilia Romagna Region and affiliated with AIGAE (Italian Association of Environmental Guides)
Excursions) insured as per regulations e, with 15 years of experience in the territory.

If you need snowshoes for hire, you can indicate this at the time of registration by specifying if you also need the sticks, you will find everything on the spot at your arrival. Once registered, a confirmation form will be sent by email upon reaching the minimum number of participants.
To allow you to snowshoe in peace and fun the number of participants for each excursion is limited, generally it varies between a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 14 for each Guide.

The Guide reserves the right to evaluate risks related to particular health conditions (allergies, intolerances, pregnancy etc. that hikers are required to communicate before departure or at the time of registration) and possibly exclude a participant to preserve their safety.
Hikers are required to always remain in groups from the moment of departure to that of final greetings unless there are different agreements that can be evaluated by the Guide itself upon specific request during the journey, to maintain a respectful behavior of the environment in which the activity and to scrupulously follow the instructions of the Guide from time to time.
The Guide reserves the right to modify routes based on weather conditions and snow cover.

Cancellation policies: once purchased the ticket cannot be refunded. For cancellations up to 48 hours before the excursion, the reservation can be used for another activity chosen among those proposed in the Modenatur trolley of equal or lower amount. For cancellations after 48 hours, the reservation can no longer be used for other services.


Meeting at 9.30 am in front of the Hotel Buona Stella in Cimoncino (Fanano)
Difficulty: Medium / Easy Excursion (E) Suitable for children aged 8 and up used to hiking. The snowshoes can be worn by children with a foot size from 35 upwards - for footwear below 35 and above 48, please indicate when booking.
Duration (including stops): about 3 h 30 for night excursions and 4 h for day trips
Points of interest: Piana del Cimoncino, Lago della Ninfa, Prati del Cimoncino
For snowshoeing in safety and fun it is necessary to have:
WATERPROOF hiking boots (excluding sneakers, amphibians, various types of ankle boots, moonboot, après-ski or other unsuitable footwear)
trekking socks or heavy socks to exclude blisters
not too heavy winter trousers (ski suits should be avoided, generally they cause sweat and discomfort, betterbreathable tights) possibly breathable integrated with gaiters or alternatively waterproof winter trousers
waterproof windbreaker
gloves, headgear and neck cover
backpack with wide and comfortable shoulder straps large enough to accommodate any extra layers of clothing along the way (walking is warm and often you take off your jacket or sweatshirts)
warm clothing, possibly breathable, arranged in onion so as to be able to remove any layers if the weather conditions allow
water or hot drink (preferably in a thermal water bottle to avoid freezing) and any energy snacks as you like
high protection sun cream if the day is sunny
frontal torch in night excursions (with the rental of snowshoes the front torch is also provided.
recommended sunglasses or clear lenses for night-time protection
For more information: Guides Fabio 333 5293621 Elisa 339 3480730

Cost of the guide + rental: € 27 - Guide only cost: € 18 Children (from 8 to 14 years) € 21 hire - € 9