Around the great stone cliffs

Zur Buchungsanfrage
Simple route at a technical level. The park is really beautiful and offers many ideas for explanations in different areas: from history, to botanical peculiarities, to geology. We will also mention the medieval and Renaissance historical events with their succession of clashes, invasions and sieges from the time of the Lombards / Byzantines, to the communal struggles between Modena and Bologna and between the Duchy of Este and its feudal lords.
The geological aspects, obviously predominant, and notes on the fauna and flora of the park will not be overlooked. Particular attention will be paid to the perception of the landscape as a stratification not only of geological sediments, but of history and stories, and on the notion of "anthropic landscape", 
Zur Buchungsanfrage


Meeting point
Meeting at the parking in via Pieve di Trebbio

18 May at 3.00pm

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